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Equipment for propane-butane

Screw-type compressor units ASR163 / LPG


Screw-type compressor units ASR163 / LPG designed for liquids and gases (such as propane, butane and ammonia) from tank to tank, loading and unloading of liquids, vapor phase selection for subsequent liquefaction and technical needs. Exemplary application of the machine when unloading wagons – tanks in the hazardous area.

compressor units – type 6D58R / LPG and 6W92M / LPG


Designed to compress gas propane-butane. They can be used for pumping gas Mezhuyev gas tanks ex. stationary and transport.
Performance of 80 to 175 m³ / hr.

 safety valves – type ZBKk gas propane-butane


Pressure relief valves are designed for terrestrial and marine refrigeration systems, installations, propane, butane and other corrosion resistant agents.
Are used to protect the equipment from excessive pressure rise, as mechanical protection.

gas tanks for LPG (7 sizes)


Designed for storage and storage of compressed gas propane-butane. Install stationary ground. Capacity gas tanks from 2.8 m³ to 100 m³.

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